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Notice the original universe will admit he Fengnai first strong cosmic sea! Notice, Monster Beats that hundreds of the Lord of the universe 's death, but he peak hand made!All these, make Pico now has the status." You." Chaos Lord look around, full of smiles. " Yaozu, machinery group, crystal family, clan, the prison, the five people all migration. Leave their territory. While the original universe other idle population, no one dared to enter the five clan territory."" The five race also known." The Lord of the usual Bingfeng cold one, now with a smile," if they have no sense of propriety, is our army killed over."" The coalition camp." Virtual gold master indifferent smile," even together, not alone the best help ... ... Simply cannot withstand a single blow."A human universe owners opening.They already know the news, just know, is a J īif moving! Now it is very calm, not mad rude, is still very delight Jīdynamic." This time they die so much of the Lord of the universe, human hatred to me much." The Lord of darkness deep," still some immortal, the venerable to crazy revenge, although the effects ... ... From that alien to my hatred of the human race, as I see it, threatening early eradication!"" The other peak population, also have the strongest. It is taken into account, but really don't give them life, those the most afraid of will and we fight."Debate in.But soon set a plan." The evil spirit race, Monster Beats occupation, family and other mechanical group five original territory. Let me human all have open. And before many strong ethnic group, before they are the peak population dependency, some of the many league, but now they decline, are not eligible for the original territory, as past occupation."" The occupied territory."" Let me in all human reproduction, growth." Chaotic city full of pride.... ...Human action, they will be awarded a number of originally living in some universe secret continent in humans, or living in the kingdom of God in human. A large number of migration, migration to the monster group, the five group of territory, there are a lot of strong ethnic group originally living territory.Notice.Those with strong ethnic group, every occupation area is small, can add up, is far in excess of five ethnic groups. In fact, the single before watching the Lord of the universe will know the number, the five largest ethnic groups itself also add up to around one hundred, but the strong ethnic groups are hundreds of the God of the universe.Those with strong ethnic Monster Beats territory, a little remote, born genius probability. Can can not sustain vast territory.So all over ... ...


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